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Racisme et discrimination systémiques

Commentaires en ligne - English

  1. Yvette Salinas
    I identify as a Woman of Color who moved into NDG, or more specifically the St. Raymond sector of the CDN/NDG borough. I rapidly became involved in the community, specifically cultural and family organizarions ans event planning. The problem is many of these orgs claim to be seeking diversity and inclusion, as those were buzzwords at the time, without being willing to "give up" power from its White directors and board members to any BIPOC leadership. They wanted to keep talking about Diversity and Inclusion, especially in regards to promotion and fundraising, without following the practice themselves.
    Have leadership training and support for BIPOC that are interested in becoming leaders in their community. Require organizations to have diversity in the senior staff and on their Board to have access to local funding.
  2. Julien Feldman
    Des politiques dans les commissions scolaires pour apporter une appuie concrète aux étudiants des minorités visibles.

    Julien Feldman
    - commissaire d’école CSEM