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Nouveau parc-nature dans la cour Turcot
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The City of Montréal is seeking to develop a new park in the space freed up by the reconstruction of the Interchange and the former Turcot Yard. Located in the ecoterritory of the Saint-Jacques Escarpment, the large park will cover some 30 hectares spread out over 2 kilometres. The City of Montréal aims to enhance and develop the space primarily by creating:

  • A north-south link for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Natural environments;
  • A green, emblematic and innovative entrance to the city

The Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) was given a mandate by the City of Montréal to hold a public consultation to learn about the needs and expectations of the population with respect to the development of those three facets of the new park.

Please share with us your ideas about this project. In order to do so and for the Office to consider your opinion, you must identify yourself, as per the requirements for all consultation processes.



Voici toutes les contributions reçues dans le cadre de ce questionnaire.

Veuillez noter que nous avons conservé les textes originaux sans procéder à aucune modification ou correction dans les limites de la netiquette de l'Office.

1. Opinion présentée par Jo-Anne Wemmers

While more green space is welcome, this location, which is couched between the highways and below the escarpment, is difficult to acces for residents in NDG. Consequently it does not meet the need for more green space, which has been expressed by many residents, especially in eastern NDG.

I do Not authorize you to post my name and email address on your website. The fact that you require such authorization before accepting my opinion is undemocratic.

If you decide to make this site available in English you should translate the entire text, especially the legal questions!

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