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École St-George
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The project presented by St. George’s School calls for the development of a green roof and the planting of 22 new trees. The by-law submitted for consultation also requires that the project include a minimum of 34% of vegetated surfaces.

  • Do you have any specific suggestions regarding elements that you would like to see incorporated into the greening of the St. George’s School grounds?
  • Are there elements that should be avoided?


The original St. George’s School building was the creation of Fred David Lebensold, a renowned architect who also participated in the development of Montréal’s Place des Arts and Ottawa’s National Arts Centre. The building has already undergone two alterations for the purpose of expanding the school, in 1971 and 1989. 

The latest planned expansion would be designed according to biophilic principles, “characterized by extensive use of polycarbonate walls that let in natural sunlight, and includes green walls on the three floors of the rear façade.”

  • How do you perceive the development of new structures in the existing landscape of the area?
  • Are there any elements that you would like to see accentuated or minimized in the architectural development of the new pavilion?


The planned construction of a new wing at St. George’s School calls for the greening of part of the parking lot’s paved surfaces, which would reduce the number of parking spaces from 28 to 12.

  • What do you think of the idea of removing parking spaces to expand the school and re-green the yard?
  • How could the school improve the management and development of the remaining parking area?

Mount Royal

Saint-George’s School is located on the perimeter of the Mount Royal heritage site, where the Master Plan limits building coverage for purposes of green-space preservation and conservation. The building coverage ratio currently allowed is 35%, but the school buildings constructed in 1930 already occupy 48.5% of the area of the property by acquired rights. The project would increase that coverage to 55%, and therefore lead to a modification of the Mount Royal Master Protection and Enhancement Plan. The proposed project provides for a number of measures that would allow the school to increase its greening rate in spite of the increased coverage ratio. Taking into account the compensatory measures provided for in the project, and to “protect existing major institutions” to remain on the Mount Royal heritage site, the borough of Ville-Marie has expressed its support for the project.

  • Do you think that keeping institutions like St. George’s School on the Mount Royal heritage site should be encouraged?
  • What elements would you like to see incorporated into the project to preserve the mountain?
  • Do you think that the compensatory measures are adequate?


Do you have any other preoccupation regarding this project ? 


Voici toutes les contributions reçues dans le cadre de ce questionnaire.

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1. Opinion présentée par Christopher Foroglou

I strongly believe and recommend that historic institutions like St. Georges should be preserved and, when needed, renovated. Therefore I support this project.

It will enhance the natural beauty of the area near the mountain, since it will increase the volume of green space and reduce the asphalt footprint. The addition of 22 new trees is a significant enhancement to the natural beauty of the grounds.

Since the school is on a prominent corner of the Bouleveard, the visual appeal of the new building will enhance the attractiveness of the area, and should help to increase the property values surrounding it.

2. Opinion présentée par Lynn Butler-Kisber

I strongly support the St. George's High School renovation project. It will enhance and increase the green areas of the property and diminish the asphalt. As well, the renovations will increase the property value of the site and thereby the value of the surrounding properties. The entire project is predicated on sustainability, both inside and outside of the building which is in keeping with the tenets of a heritage site and is increasingly important in terms of climate change.

3. Opinion présentée par Donna Gold

I think this is a wonderful project. The building will be greener. The additional trees will be wonderful.

I don't think this will have any negative impact on Mont Royal, especially since all the building will be behind the structure that already exists.

I fully support this new project.

4. Opinion présentée par Laurie Shapiro

The project looks very attractive - a definite improvement visually, to the existing building. I also think that gaining more green space is really important and a huge bonus for the surrounding community.

5. Opinion présentée par Jason Levine

As a resident in the area, I wanted to offer my thoughts on the project in hopes that the Office of Public Consultation of Montreal can truly appreciate the benefits of the School's proposal.

We always hope for more green space in the City and this project delivers on this need by creating a green roof adding many trees, reducing the asphalt and heating effect. Students will now be able to connect with nature more easily, In addition, the new expansion of the building is visually more appealing than brick wall it will cover.

Finally, for the neighborhood and for the property values in the area, this project will have a positive impact for all in the surrounding area.

I hope the City of Montreal approves these requests from the School.

Thank you

Jason Levine

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