Public participation during a pandemic : is it possible?

To further our reflection on participation during a pandemic, the Office is conducting, until May 24 next, a major survey with groups, associations, businesses and individuals who have participated in our consultation processes in recent years. We want to hear from you to help us identify changes, large or small, that will enable us to pursue our mission in the coming months.

Do you think that it would be appropriate to hold public consultations using digital means given the current context? Would the results be credible? Are there some files that would not lend themselves well to online consultations? How can we ensure that we hear a diversity of opinions? Should we, under such extraordinary circumstances, plan to hold virtual consultations over the summer? Those are a few of the questions on which we would like you to enlighten us.

You can help us by filling out this short questionnaire. Also, please feel free to send it to contacts throughout your network. Your opinion is extremely important to us and will help us to make the right decisions.


Take the survey


To continue to benefit from the contribution of as many people as possible, we are also conducting a telephone survey with people who, in the past three years, have given an oral presentation at one of our consultations without submitting a supporting written document. We would really like to know how to best continue to encourage your participation between now and the end of 2020 in files that are of interest to you. To that end, employees of the Office will be contacting you shortly; thank you for taking a few minutes to answer their questions. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any experiences you would like to share.

Let’s keep participatory democracy healthy, together!