Benny Farm Project: OCPM Report Recommends rapid Implementation

jeu, 02/12/2004


Montréal, Wednesday, February 12, 2004 – The Office de consultation publique de Montréal yesterday made public its consultation report on the redevelopment project for the Benny Farm residential complex. Following its consultation, the commission concluded that the master plan for the redevelopment of Benny Farm has great support in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, and that the project presented by the Canada Lands Company (CLC) should be carried out without delay.

Among the factors that have gathered significant support for the project, the commission cites its predominantly residential vocation, the urgency of initiating its implementation, and the opportunity to redevelop part of the site for the CLSC N.D.G./Montréal-Ouest and a recreational and community centre. There are, however, reservations about certain aspects of the project. The most important relates to the timeframe for the CLSC and recreational and community centre projects, as commitments pertaining to these facilities are not as specific as those for the residential project. The commission recommends that the draft by-law amending the urban plan be adopted to allow the execution of the redevelopment plan.

Conditions for implementation
Furthermore, to allay concerns regarding the CLSC and recreational and community centre, the commission suggests that the Ville de Montréal and the CLC establish an agreement stipulating that they provide a progress report on these projects no later than one year after the by-laws pertaining to Benny Farm come into force. The commission also believes that it is important to confirm the public character of the recreational and community centre. To that end, the by-law governing the project should be amended by removing the use “centre d’activités physiques,” to prevent commercial use of the land or building.

The commission also recommends that the proposal concerning parking be reviewed in order to reduce the size of the exterior parking lots.

Lastly, according to the commission, it is important to ensure housing affordability and accessibility, as well as long-term integrated management of Benny farm as a whole, including the buildings constructed on the southwest part of the site in the late 1990s.

Public consultation meetings for the Benny Farm project were held on November 10 and 12, and December 1, 2 and 3, 2003. The commission was chaired by commissioner Jean Paré, who was assisted by Me Hélène Lauzon. The report is posted on the Office Website:

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