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The consultation will begin following the reception of the reference document produced by the Service de la diversité sociale et des sports [social and sports diversity department]. The document, expected in late fall, will serve as the basis for discussions.

Major steps of the consultation

The consultation should begin within 20 business days following the submission of the reference document. Anyone interested in doing so is then invited to take part in a first general information meeting.

Phase 1 – Winter 2018-19

Task forces, by registration only

In preparation for the general-public phase and based on the existing situation and reference document, the task forces will aim to identify major courses of action, differences among the various areas, and solutions to be implemented.

Phase 2 – Spring 2019

General-public consultation

Circuit of information sessions.

Hearing of opinions (oral, written and online)

Phase 3 – Summer 2019



Publication of the report approximately 90 days after the last hearing-of-opinions session.

We are currently awaiting documents that will form the base of the documentation file for this consultation. Following their reception, the important dates of the consultation will be announced.

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A few documents to begin with